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The magic is within
✨ YOU ✨

🍎 A magical rhyming picture book,
perfect for building confidence in little ones ❤️

Children's book

✨ Meet Little Tim

Little Tim feels too small to join in with his friends and is left behind. Until one day an apple lands on his head…

Together, Tim and his newfound friend, a magic tree, build up his confidence, kindness, and sharing skills until Tim is playing happily with lots of friends. Eventually, Tim discovers that really, the magic power of friendship was in him all along. 

Perfect for children starting school or preschool, this beautifully illustrated rhyming book is a fun way for children to learn about growing up with confidence and self-esteem.

Meet Little Tim

"Little Tim and the Magic Apples is a beautiful and empowering book that young children will love and learn from."

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About the Author

Hillie Jeffery has been writing stories and poetry ever since she can remember.

Her first book of poetry for little ones was published in 2016, inspired by the birth of her beautiful niece.

Full-time Content Director, half-time dreamer, and part-time blogger, she does her best writing under trees or in bustling coffee shops.

When she’s not strolling the streets of sunny Tel Aviv, she can be found reading, hiking, practicing yoga, cooking, or sharing interior design advice.

About the Author

This is such an adorable book for little ones!
The illustrations are super sweet and the colors are bright and cheerful.
It is easy to read and the rhyming is great. It also has a great message and funny parts.
I really recommend it to anyone who is looking for a sweet book with an important lesson.
Love it!

I read this beautiful picture book to my kids, and they absolutely love it! They keep asking me to read it over and over again.
This book has a positive message about finding the power within yourself which is really great for building self esteem.
The pictures are sweet and we just love how adorable Little Tim is. Highly recommended!

Avraham Nesher

Alejandro Abeles


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