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🍎 Have a shy little one at home? ❤️

The book that helps shy kids find inner

Ideal for ages 4-8


An empowering story that shows the greatest powers come from within 💛

Little Tim faces a BIG problem. He wants to play with his friends but feels too small to join the fun. That is, until a friendly apple tree offers him a solution—magic apples with the powers he's missing. But do the apples work? Does Little Tim overcome his shyness? Join Little Tim on his journey to finding inner power, building confidence, and making friends.


"PERFECT for littles to believe in themselves." 
Amazon review by R. Reed

Meet Little Tim
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Hi, I'm Hillie ❤️

I love writing stories and poetry for children. I’ve been doing it ever since I was a little girl myself.


My first book of poetry was inspired by my adorable niece, who made me want to share the magic of words with her and other kids.


I’m also a Content Director by day, a dreamer by night, and a blogger in between. I write best when I’m surrounded by trees or by people. Nature and coffee shops are my favorite places to be.


When I’m not writing or working, you can find me reading, hiking, doing yoga, cooking, or giving interior design tips. I live in sunny Tel Aviv, where I enjoy the vibrant city life and the beautiful beach.

About the Author
From the Book
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